We have beautifully handcrafted wreaths using  the freshest alpine, Douglas, grand fir and Fraser boughs.  From the traditional round wreaths we also offer candy canes, snowflakes and stars Christmas Trees and Horseheads.

Traditional sized wreaths are sized from 16” to 24” diameter. Freshly made with grand, and Alpine fir boughs. Decorated with cones, berries and finished off with a beautiful handcrafted red or burgundy bows. Prices start at $25.00

Candy Cane wreaths are approx. 30″ long, freshly made with grand and alpine boughs.  Decorated with cones, berries and finished off with white stripes and bow.  Prices start at $32.00


Star/ snowflake wreaths are approx. 32″ in diameter and are freshly made with Fraser and alpine boughs.  Decorated with cones, berries, balls and dried flowers and can be finished off with a burgundy or red bow.  Prices start at $42.00

We also have Horse head Wreaths and Arches to go above door, over windows or pictures