All about us

Copenhaver Plantations

U Choose and Cut Christmas Tree Farm

Who are we?   We are a 3 generation family owned and operated choose and cut Christmas Tree plantation that was started in 1982

Where are we located?   We are located 7 miles west of Missoula in the Big Flat area.

What we grow?   We currently have several species of tress, including Scotch Pine, Cannan Fir, Douglas Fir, Alpine Fir, Concolor fir, Grand Fir, Colorado Blue Spruce

What are the hours of operation?   We will be open the Friday following Thanksgiving and Saturday and Sunday there after only from 9:00 to 5:00. We have no lights on the tree farm.

What else do offer?   We also sell custom handmade wreaths. We have wreaths shaped like trees, candy canes, and stars as well as the traditional wreaths. Wreath prices vary starting at $25.00. We offer shipping for our custom make wreaths add if your interested in shipping cost.

Our operation:   When we started the plantation in 1982  at our high we had over 12,000 trees. We sold wholesale as well as running a retail lot in Missoula. and the U choose and cut from the plantation. After may years of hard work we decided to down size the plantation, we now only operate  the U choose and cut farm .

The future:  We are in the process of getting the field re nourished and re building up the ground. We started replanting in the Spring of 2008 with 100 scotch pine, 100 Blue spruce and 100 Canaan Fir. We are planting only 300 trees per year keeping out rotation small, and planting more of a variety giving us the ability to be able to care more for the trees individually and hopefully giving us a better crop.    With the trees that were planted in 2008 now ready for sale we believe that we have the best trees we have had.  Come check us out for one of the freshest Christmas Trees that you will find in the Missoula Valley.

5 thoughts on “All about us

  1. how do you price your trees? What are the lowest to highest priced trees? We are wanting to cut our own next year for the possibility of a longer lasting tree. thank you , DeEtte Balfourd 370-3705

  2. Hello,

    We are interested in your pre-pay program. We have purchased a tree for the last two years and we were informed of your program last year.

    Thank you,

    The McLindens

  3. Do you have any Grand Fir for sale (live transplant) for spring planting?
    Thanks, Peter

  4. Got our tree a bit ago. Great tree and finding holiday home here!

    Thanks for years of great trees and exemplary service. Always a joy to shop for Christmas for with you fine folks

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