Welcome to Copenhaver Plantations

Choose and Cut Christmas Trees and Wreaths

Locally Growing Christmas Trees since 1982

Colorado Blue Spruce

Colorado Blue Spruce

Cannan Fir

Canaan Fir

 Scotch Pine

Austrian Hill Scotch Pine

Field of Douglas Fir

We want to thank all our returning customers, new customers, and future customers. We had a great season this year this year. We met a lot of new people and brought a lot of fun into starting some new family traditions.

We are now closed for the remainder of the season. If you’re still looking for a tree we will be open by appointment only.  Please call  or send an email if you still need a tree and we will do our best to accommodate you.

We want to wish you all very Merry Christmas and a Happy New year and look forward to see you all next year. 

Scotch pine is known for its excellent needle retention. They are very full, a little pokey but decorate very beautifully.

Cannan Fir are not quite as full,softer needles with lots of open branches to hang decorations.  They hold their needles well. Very similar to Fraser Fir.

Colorado Blue Spruce has a nice pyramidal shape with strong limbs that can hold heavy ornaments. The Blue Spruce is known for its lovely blue foliage which can also appear silvery.  We have very limited sizes with most being 5-6 foot

Douglas  The traditional Christmas tree only much full than you would find in the forest and is native to Montana

Trees are pre priced in field with colored ribbon

White Ribbons           8-9 foot        $63.00  

Green Ribbons           7-8 foot       $56.00

Yellow Ribbons          6-7 foot        $45.00

Red Ribbons               5-6 foot       $36.00

Blue Ribbons               4-5 foot       $28.00


Scotch Pine


8 Foot Scotch Pine

Scotch Pine

Field of Scotch Pine


We look forward to seeing you this season for wreaths and trees.

Copenhaver Plantations,

Clay, Karla, Leon and Mary Jo Copenhaver

Christmas Tree Stands

We sell one of the best tree stands available.  Tree is precisely drilled and inserted on to the pin. No bolts to tighten or braces to hold the tree.

All trees will stand straight no matter how crooked the tree may be.  Water bowls hold 2 gallons of water  making sure that the tree gets all the water it needs to stay fresh.


Easy up Christmas Tree Stand

Beauty inthe eye of the buyer

Beauty in the eye of the buyer

Our custom-made Wreaths, Swags, Candy Canes and Stars

Traditional wreath with burgandy bow

Traditional wreath with bugandy bow

round wreath

Red Wreath


Star Wreath

Wreath Barn

Wreath Barn


Candy Cane Wreath



Other Gifts

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If you have any questions please call

549-4983 or 549-4342     or send us an email


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4 thoughts on “Home

  1. We had a lovely time at this farm and would recommend that everyone should visit! The trees were great, as well as the folks who run it. Thanks for being right here in Missoula!

  2. Hi
    Do you have any openings for the season? Please contact us at your earliest convenience. 307-203-7598 or 941-744-7111. Thank you so much!
    Warren & Wanda Flood

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